About Mainichi Teas

We love tea, especially Japanese tea. I remember being in middle and high school having to drive 45 minutes to the closest import store that still only sold fairly generic "green tea" bags bought at a markup. While you can get some teas from Japan in the US now, it's still not as common as teas from other regions and often not the best quality, so that's where we at Mainichi Teas come in. After living in Japan for a few years, I discovered for myself the true breadth of tea available there and the dearth everywhere else. We're here to help change that and provide a variety of high quality Japanese teas to suit any of your tea cravings.

Our selection is somewhat small now, but eventually we hope to expand to carry an even wider variety of Japanese teas so that you can rely entirely on us for whatever you're looking for to suit your daily tea needs. We pride ourselves on sourcing high quality tea grown by farmers who truly care. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page for updates about our selection and any sales or promotions.

If you aren't sure where to start with Japanese tea, give our Sampler Set a try, which has all four very traditional teas from The Basics. Mainichi (毎日) means every day/daily in Japanese, so start every day with a cup of our high quality tea! Or end your day with one! Tea is great at any time of day.

Meet Mai! She's loves tea a whole lot. It's her favorite drink! She works very hard to pick out the best tea for you and would love for you to give them a try. When she's not out picking tea leaves, she's brewing and trying out new teas.

Character designer: Mizu Asato